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I was poking around the internet looking for American-made products, as I am wont to do, and I stumbled across this company. I initially saw it as Suncast Reels and thought that it must be fishing equipment. Not so. We’re talking hose reels today, my friends. Let’s see… Now how do I make this interesting?

The last couple of years, I have been spending more and more time in the back yard. This has something to do with having kids. The kids like to play back there, and because they are still young, someone needs to keep an eye on them. While I’m outside, I might as well get a little work done, right? Before I had kids, I couldn’t care less about the back yard. It was just an empty lot of scrub surrounded by a chain link fence. A stack of bricks and a piece of scrap plywood served as a table. I sat on an old tire. All that’s changed now. It’s like a jungle paradise back their now. And I have proper watering to thank for that.

A few years ago, we got a self-winding hose reel by ReelSmart (the name of the company before they were bought out by Suncast). Yes, you read that correctly. Self-winding. It uses the water pressure in the hose to generate the torque to pull the hose in. More than one visitor to our backyard has stood, mouth agape, staring in wonder as our hose winds itself up as if by magic. If you’ve not witnessed this before, it’s almost disturbing. It’s reminiscent of when Mary Poppins uses her witchy powers to make the room clean itself.*

I really didn’t know anything about the Suncast Company before writing this article, and frankly, I still don’t. They are very mysterious. I looked all over their site for history of the company. When I eventually found a well hidden link to an About Us page on their Homeplace Collection site, I got a 404 error. What are they trying to hide?

Despite this, they have me under their spell. I’m becoming a bit of a fan. I’ve been thinking about getting a rain barrel for a while, and don’t tempt me with the tumbling composter. That’s a rabbit hole that I’m not ready to go down.

Suncast Hose Reels

*I realize that this is the second reference to a Dick Van Dyke musical that I have made in as many posts. Although this was not intentional, I shall make no apology.

Come back next week for my article on Suncast’s Bye Bye Birdfeeders.