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As a parent of young children, I often find myself facing a mountain of plastic toys.  Actually, I am lucky if it is a mountain.  Usually, it looks more like a crime scene.  Luckily, with toys, children lose interest before the toy is worn out, and they can be easily passed off to other kids.  I often recognize some of my own Hotwheels strewn amongst our living room rubble.  A few of their stuffed animals seem wistfully familiar to me.  What became of the rest of my toys?  I imagine that many of them are quietly resting underground somewhere, or burned into the atmosphere.  Rest in peace, my plastic friends.

Enter Green Toys (that’s actually the name of the company).  When it comes to the staples of kids toys, Green Toys has it all.  Here we have an assortment of tough-looking trucks. We’ve got your tug boat for the bath.  We’ve got your sand toys for the beach.  We’ve got your tea set, chef set, cookware and dining set.  How about a little help around the house from the little ones?  We’ve got you covered with the tool set, and gardening kit.  They’ll be earning their keep in no time.  Need something a little more rudimentary?  Try these blocks or stackers.

These guys are getting more buzz than a bee-hive.  They are made in California from 100% recycled plastic. Remember those milk jugs you’ve been dutifully recycling? Right? GoodGuide.com gives their products and average of 7.9. They wouldn’t get a higher score if Dr. Bronner made these toys (I shudder to think of the packaging).

Green Toys