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Homer Laughlin China was already an old company when they introduced the iconic Fiestaware in 1936.  I’d love to write something inspirational about how Fiestaware struggled against adversity for several years until finding its voice and winning the hearts of America, but that’s not true.  Fiestaware was successful almost immediately, selling over a million pieces by its second year of production.

When they were introduced, they kept it simple, with five colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Old Ivory.  These days, they come in more colors than a box of crayons, and they all have names like Sunflower, and Periwinkle, and Peacock.  Alright.  My wife and I decided to get a set of these for our daily dishes when we got married.  At first, we thought maybe we would just get white and blue (Cobalt), but we decided to got for a pretty wide spectrum.  I think that Shamrock is my favorite.

Shameless product placement...

Perhaps it’s simply because Fiestaware has been around for so long, that it has woven itself into the fabric of America.  Andy Warhol was a collector, and it can be said that his work expressed and interest in American icons.  Once become familiar with Fiestaware, you begin to see it all over.

I’m not sure what Fiestaware is made of, but I’m pretty sure there’s a little bit of magic mixed in there.  We have been using Fiestaware for almost 6 years now.  I have dropped dish after dish, and we have broken exactly one plate.  And (don’t tell my wife) I have to admit that I did it on purpose.  I just had to know if it could be done.  And it can.  There.  Now I’ve saved you a plate.